Tuesday, April 01, 2008

4 Adults + 1 Inflatable Toy = ?

Last weekend, i attended a 1 year old's birthday party. The food was good, the children had fun and the adults gathered to chat.

4 of us found ourselves sitting in the kitchen around a table. We were just talking and making fun of an inflatable toy which was on the table. Somehow the toy reminded us of the horror movie 'It' (from a Stephen King book) so we were pretending it was a possessed toy, spooking each other out with this killer toy.

The poor toy had a small hole in the eye, so in order to cover the hole we decided to give it an eye patch. One thing led to another and the toy ended up like this:

At this point we named it Antonio (Banderas) or Andy for short, we were making up silly stories and placing Andy in different situations. Mind you, we weren't drinking.

Andy having some fruits on a high chair

Can't really fit in it

Having fun with drums


MEL & JEFF said...

which poor kid's birthday was it anyway? to think that the guests entertained themselves with his/her toy! such indignity!

hot choc said...

Hehe...it was khye's nephew's b'day. The kid has a lot of toys already, he wouldn't miss one.