Friday, February 15, 2008

A Valentine's dinner

Happy Valentine's all!! Although it's a day late, but better late than never. As usual, Valentine's the time where prices of flowers & chocolates go up, all the restaurants are fully booked, shops start selling all the cute & cuddly gifts in red & pink colours and those who are single proclaim they like being single. Almost all the blogs i read would say that they don't believe in celebrating this highly commercialized occasion and would rather spend time at home..bla bla.

Anyway, i did celebrate this Valentine by having dinner at Prego, Westin Hotel. My first experience of fine dining. Dinner was from a set Valentine menu, but ordered wine to go with it. The ambiance was nice and each table was decorated like that:

After we were seated, it wasn't long that we were served with our first course, scallop with caviar sauce. The scallop was delicious and so was the sauce, a bit cheesy.

All the dishes had extremely long names that i can't remember. Next up, was foie gras! I've always wanted to taste it but don't know where to find cheap ones. You'll either love or hate it. It had a lard-ish buttery taste with the texture of a cheesecake.

Next was angel-hair spaghetti. This is my favourite meal of the night.

After the spaghetti came the veal with goat cheese. See the green round thing on top? Couldn't figure out what it was? Maybe avocado? But it was bouncy and burst out green liquid when i poked it. The veal was very tender! Delish!

At last came the dessert. Chocolate with cream on top. The heart shape thingy is white chocolate on a stick. The chocolate was a bit bitter (dark chocolate) which made it yummy!

The dinner ended with hot steaming coffee.

All in all, i enjoyed my Valentine's dinner.

edit: Just found out that the green thing is liquid pea ravioli. Recipes to make it can be found on the internet.


Anonymous said...

Really tam chiak! Where are the pics of the both of you? Tsk, tsk share lar! BTW, how much was the meal? Had an exp of fine dining... french / italian (cant remember) at Bkt Tinggi's... nice

hot choc said...

Valentine's dinner also considered tam chiak??
I don't put my own pics up. You wouldnt want to know how much...

shuqios said...

yum! yum! i know which dress u r wearing... *ngek ngek* ^.^

Wendism said...

gosh.. shir n i are way behind of times. or is it me alone