Monday, April 14, 2008

Oooh, pretty lights

As some of you know, i'm currently doing renovation to my house (for those who didn't know, 'Hey, i'm renovating my house'). The process is quite exciting as you get to see the place slowly changing to an actual home.

A few weeks back, we had the electrician come and fix more lighting points, power points and install our fans and lights. We got our fans quite sometime ago so we just had to get the lights now. Since we weren't doing plaster ceiling, it was quite tough scouting for nice lights.

In the end we decided on Ikea lights, cause we didn't fancy the ones we saw in other shops. So here are some of the lights we got:
At the kitchen

Suppose to use yellow reflector lights, but we wanted white lights

The cheapest lights of the lot (RM9.90 only!!). Used in the bathrooms, balcony, yard & foyer

The most expensive! Me likey..

In the corner of the room

Next we need to get some standing lights, most probably going to get from Ikea again. I applied for my Ikea friends credit card this year, and it has collected a lot of points so far. Another good thing is that for purchases above RM500 i can pay by installment.

*Note: I'm not advertising for Ikea

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