Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Off to see more hunks!

Oh yeah, i'll be going to Italy tomorrow. Well, not exactly tomorrow la, but i got to get to London tomorrow to catch my early morning flight to Italy on Thursday!! What to do, the earlier you go, the cheaper the flight tickets are. Low cost airline. Get it?

Anyways, will be going to Leeds in the evening to catch my 6 p.m. bus to London. And then from London, it's another bus to London Gatwick Airport. After that, i'll have to sleep (hopefully) at the terminal till it's time to check-in and all. -_-''

Nevermind, i'll get to see Italian hunks!! Venice! Pisa!! Rome!!! Woohoo!! Jealous? Grab a number and get in line. And it's too late to order souvenirs now, I'll be basking under the Italian sun, pigging out on Italian pizza and watching cute Italian hunks walk by.

On a different note, i just had a nice dinner. Mixed meat donner, bought from a local fish and chip shop. Here's a pic:

Absolutely yummy. It's got shredded beef (like how they do for kebabs) and pieces of chicken pilled on top of fries and a bit of salad. All for £2.50. A very big serving. I ate half and started blogging. Should i leave it for breakfast? Hmmm...

Alrighty, that's it for now. Will blog again once i get back. Ciao.

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