Monday, August 29, 2005

Back home

I've been back for slightly more than a week now. The journey was okay. Watched some movies, drank and ate a lot and managed to sleep for about 3 hours. No jet lag. Good thing about having flexible sleeping hours, eh?

At home, it's the usual. Watch tv, read books, surf the painfully slow net (dial-up), sleep, eat......and repeat the cycle again the next day. Oh ya, job hunting too. But it's hard when the freaking internet decides to disconnect itself very so often and the speed is just way toooo slow. I can read a few pages of a book while waiting for it to load 1 page. I can hear you broadband people laughing at me. Don't think i should get broadband cause there's no one else using the internet at home and i don't know where i'll be working.

It's bored here when there's nothing to do, no where to go, no friends around. So far i've eaten char kuey tiow 3 times since i got back and i still want more! Miss it too much.

I'm off to KL tomorrow. Meeting up some friends, doing some shopping (wheee!) and basically just hanging out. Fun!

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Jeffmeljosh said...

The babysitting job is still open......same attractive perks remain! Best of all, you'd be awarded with endless smiles and chuckles from the Lil' Prince himself!