Friday, September 02, 2005

Bummin' around

Got back from KL yesterday and after an hour at home, I headed straight to Melaka. Last minute decision, really. At least the internet is faster here (the line at home is going through PMS....a long one at it!).

It was fun in KL. Didn't get to meet up with most of my friends though. Sorry guys. I went by bus, and it was pratically empty both trips. Had only about 6-7 passengers. Is it me or has the bus seats become more spacious? Last time i remembered the space between my seat and the one in front was much smaller. I didn't shrink, ok!

Went shopping for clothes and ended up with a blouse and skirt. Hmmm...sounds like I still need to go shopping....oh and I need shoes!! The more the merrier, rite? :D Checked out the new GSC cinema in 1U which was nice, comfortable and spacious. Watched 'Red Eye'. It was so-s0 la but Cillian Murphy really knows how to act creepy. Didn't celebrate Merdeka in KL, but I did hear some fireworks.......counted ar?

Now after the short trip to KL, it's back to job hunting. Oh, and I have some dvds to watch as well. I can watch 23 episodes of 'Lost' back-to-back now. Muahahaha.

Oh, and i changed my blog title. The previous one created from what I know. Didn't like it anyways. I didn't put much thought to it, so it didn't occur to me that it could have been interpreted that way. Funny, though. Ah well, this title will make do till I come up with a new one.......if I ever remember that is.

Alrighty, will update again......when I have things to update about.

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