Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm coming home, baby!

Oh yes! It's 2 more days till i step into the MAS aeroplane for my 13-hour flight back home. My huge trunk is already filled and weighs a ton. Left my backpack and another smaller bag to pack. Those have to be done last minute. Oh, and also my laptop bag. -_-''

This is just like when i flew over here. The same bags to carry, the same weight. I thought by tumpang-ing some of my stuff with my parents when they went back would lighten my load. Hmmm... and i'm suppose to buy 2 bottles of wine. Eeek. Hope won't kena saman (pay for the extra weight i mean).

Hmm..what shall i do when i reach back? Pig out on food that i miss? Vcd/Dvd marathon? Play with a certain baby? Heck, i can do all that at the same time.

Ok everybody, 1...2...3.....awwwwwwwwww.

Just found out that my phone (Orange line, pay as you go) cannot be used in Malaysia, unless i'm using the pay monthly scheme. No roaming there. But it'll work in Singpore! Geez, i still got credit in my phone, so i got to go to Singapore to use it? Or shall i pass it to my brother so he can use it? Nahhhhh....i'll use it all up now. :D

There's still some stuff left to pack. Some stuff could be thrown away, but don't feel like throwing. I wanna bring everything back! Even stuff like lotions, shampoo, toothpaste..down to stuff like paper clips. leh?

Nevermind, will not worry now. Will worry last minute.

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