Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Going on holiday!

Yup, i'm going off to Spain tomorrow.Ho ho ho~ Will be flying there by Jet2 from LeedsBradford Airport. Have been busy packing, changing money, buying stuff, and more packing. I'll be away for 10 days and when i'm back, i'll be blogging about the places i went to. If i'm not lazy that is.

Here's a pic of my old room:

This was when my stuff were 1/4 packed. My room was so messy that i could hardly move around. Had to climb over mountains and move hills to get to my door and wash basin.
I just moved into my new room 2 days ago. Woke up bright and early to start shifting my stuff. Took me about 3 hours to move and unpack everything. Was exhausted after that. I would have thought that my new room would look neater than it was before. But it hasn't change at all. -_-''

My new room is exactly the same size. As messy also.

I went to town this morning, to get some stuff for my trip. Went to the bank, topped-up my phone, got some food, etc. I went to sell off some old books i had, and i got a new book in return (had to pay a few pounds more). Got Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code'. Been wanting to get my hands on it for ages now. Got a few more books i want to read, but it's better to get it in M'sia. I don't want to carry too many stuff back home! The shop i got the book from lets readers return books after reading it and they get half the price back! But i wouldn't want to return it. My preciousssssss~~

So there, i'll be away from my computer for 10 days. No internet, no downloading, no chatting, no surfing, no no noooooo. Eeeks! It'll be good for me. The longest time i was away from my computer was....er...hmm...erm... 3 days i think. It'll give my eyes some break. I'll be focusing my attention on those handsome Spanish men instead. :D A sight for sore eyes! So long then. Adios amigo!

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