Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What's with the weather?

Few weeks ago, it was bright and sunny. The sun was blazing down, birds were chirping, flowers bloomed everywhere and i was happy. But these few days it has been cold and wet. Me don't like. Gone were the days when i could sleep with the windows opened wide and the heater off. But now, i sleep with the windows thightly closed and with a few blankets pilled on top of me. What's worst is that the heaters have been disabled. What for? No idea!! Luckily i have my trusty electrical heater which i bought when i first came here. Every morning, i lie under covers enjoying the warmth of my bed and dreading the chilliness that would greet me once i got out. Brrr....damn cold.

Last Saturday, i went to a barbecue organised by the BCCC. Had a lot of fun eating and playing games afer that. After the bbq ended, we helped our friend to move her stuff out from the halls to a house nearby. Later, we had to say goodbye to another friend who was flying back to Hongkong that night. Everyone seems to be leaving and the halls are much quieter nowadays.

Yesterday, me and some friends went to Scarborough. A town in North Yorkshire. Got there by train (£16 with railcard and £23.60 without). Thank goodness i borrowed my friend's railcard! The journey was about 2 hours, but it would have been 4 hours if we had gone by coach. Once we reached, we started to look for a place to fill our tummies. Saw a lot of fish and chips shops everywhere. Guess what we ate? Yup, fish and chips it was. Wasn't so bad, had their homemade trifle for dessert. After eating, we walked heading to the north beach (yup, there are beaches there. but thanks to the weather we couldn't enjoy it) but stopped at a park to take some pictures. Then we went to the Sea Life Centre which was located next to the beach. We saw a lot of em....fishes. There were otters, penguins and seals as well. Here are some pics:

The most interesting thing i saw were these jellyfishes:

Beautiful aren't they? It's better to see it upclose.

After visiting the Sea Life Centre, we went to the beach. Nah, no swimming. To cold anyways. We walked on the sand for a bit, and then headed towards the city centre. We caught the train back to Bradford.

My day didn't end there though. We reached back our halls aroud 6.30 p.m., rested an hour and started our night activity. Barbecue!! When we were at Scarborough those who didn't go went to buy all the food we needed for the bbq. Don't know how they managed to bring back allllll the food between them. They bought enough to feed all the 20 ppl. So we spent the night bbq-ing all the chicken wings, sausages, nuggets, fish balls, corn, potato wedges, mushrooms and of course marshmallows! Was my first time bbq-ing marshmallows. Delicious~ You bite the crispy layer around it to find the insides as smooth as cream. *melts* Should have tried this out ages ago! Yum. It was cold the whole time we were bbq-ing, but the fire kept some of us warm. Those who couldn't stand the coldness had to retire to the kitchen inside the halls and continue their eating there. Some cheaters started to grill their chickens and sausages, and even used the stove to 'bbq' their marshmallows! Was a very fun night. Laughing and eating and eating and eating! 2 barbecues in a week! *phew* Was dead tired after that. Had a quick shower and konked out on my bed soon after that.

Will be going to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith tomorrow. Heard from friends that it was nice. Off to watch more anime now. Ahhh....bliss~

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