Sunday, June 19, 2005

Someone up there read my blog!

Oh yes, it's nice and sunny now. I can once again sleep with my window open and i can run around in shorts. Woohoo! When it's hot here, it's not as bad as Malaysia cause the air is cooler here.

Went to see the Smiths on Wednesday. Was nice as expected. Great chemistry between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Wasn't a big fan of Miss Jolie. But i must say, she's suitable for roles like this. Brad Pitt too did a good job in his role as Mr. Smith. Next up, Batman!

My uni had a 'Beach Party' yesterday at the amphitheater next to the library. They covered a small area with tons of sand and had a few small kiddie pools. They also had inflated palm trees. To create a bitchybeachy atmosphere. The whole event was shown live on the internet using Real One player and the songs they were playing could be listened to using Winamp. Kinda cool. At first i was just watching the event on my computer. It only showed one spot of the amphitheater, so i thought there weren't many people there. But when i went there myself, i was surprised by the amount of students there. Most of them were sunbathing while drinking a beer or two, some playing in the kiddie pool, playing in the sand and there was sumo wrestling as well! There were big inflated costumes for those who wanted to try out the sumo wrestling. Was kinda funny. There was a small stage set up as well and bbq at another corner. The event started at 12pm and was suppose to end at 8pm, but most ppl stayed till 10pm. I didn't stay long, just sat on the grass a while and look at what everyone was doing, that's all. Here are some pics of the Beach Party:

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub

After the Beach Party, most of the students went to the FND. Let me explain a lil abt FND. It stands for Friday Night Disco, which happens on Fridays of course. It's held at the basement in one of the buildings on campus. Not far from my hall actually. :D There's also a few bars on campus. Ahhh, typical British life. Ok, so back to FND. It's the most happening thing in Uni, no wait, it's the MOST happening thing in Bradford. I've heard that FND is quite well known in some other places as well. So students from other places come over on Fridays and party the night away! It starts at 10pm and ends at 3am. Me and my friends have been to FND for a few times already. So we went again yesterday as it will be the last FND for this semester as well as the last for us....forever! When i passed the place at 10, nobody was going in, but when i went again with my friends at 11, this time, it was overflowing with students. The queue to go in was endless! After we paid the £3 fee, we went in and headed straight to the bar and got some drinks first. As a warm up, you know. Then we lingered around the dance floor, watching some people dancing first, then joined in after finishing up our drinks. It got crowded as more and more people came in. Was there till 2 am, cause i got kinda sleepy. Heh.

When i got back from FND, i took a nice bubble bath ( that's the only source of hot water) and went to sleep around 4am. Just as i was about to fall asleep, i heard someone banging my door and trying to come into my room! I quickly got up, took a peek at who it was and did what any girl would have done. I called for security. He quickly came over and asked the drunk intruder to go away. The drunkard was staying in the room right beneath mine. That's one of the disadvantages of staying in a mixed hall with so many pubs around. Anyways, my saviour came to my rescue, so all's fine now.

Woke up this morning, ok ok afternoon, to the sound of cleaners cleaning up rooms near mine. You see, students are suppose to leave their rooms today unless they are extending their stay. So now my block is almost empty, except for me and a couple of other students. So i get the kitchen and bathroom all to myself. All mine!! Mine!!Muahahha....Almost. But i wish i could make use of those empty rooms. My room is like a war zone now. I don't want to talk about it. Off to dinner now.


Charles said...

somebody knows how to partay!

hot choc said...'s a skill we all need to learn. ;)

Magical Monday said...

i din know u can dance???!!???

hot choc said...

we nvr did go clubbing together did we?