Monday, July 11, 2005

Off again!

Yeah, mum and dad are here. Reached Manchester Airport last nite. My dad told me beforehand that they were landing at Terminal 1. So i waited there. For about an hour. Waited and waited, till i heard an announcement asking ME to go to the information counter. I rushed there, and there was my parents. They landed in Terminal 2. -_-'' Apparently the agent told them the wrong information. Ha. But nevermind, they reached safely that's all that matters.

Took sometime to reach back to Bradford. We tried to catch an earlier bus, but there weren't any! So we had some food at the airport while waiting for the bus. By the time we reached back to my hall, it was 11.30p.m. We organised my room, moved some stuff here and there, took turns taking showers and went off to bed at 12.30.

I thought since they were tired, they wouldn't be waking up so early. But nooOooo....they woke up by 6.30. Being a light sleeper, their movements woke me up though they were trying hard not to make much noise. >_< So i woke up, had breakfast with them and took them around campus. A short campus tour in the fresh morning air. After that we headed off to the city centre. Looking around, buying some fruits and I found a pair of black shoes for my graduation. After that, we came back to my room and i prepared lunch. Spaghetti. Easy. Heh.

Will be going off to London tomorrow and then Paris the following day. The bombings last week really scared us, but we still had to go to Paris from London. Anyways, we'll be alright. I got faith. I'll be away for another week.

I just got my results...was quite good. But i'm not satisfied. Well, what to do, i'm hard to please.
Oh well, can't do anything bout it. Off to eat french fries and toast! Bye~


benauhc said...


by now you should be in Paris enjoying the romantic city and its beautiful sites.

don't tire ma and pa, ok ?

eagerly waiting for his presents (please refrain from buying me postcards, keychains, chocolates.)

Jeffmeljosh said...

Don't forget your favourite and only nephew, sister and brother-in-law too!

hot choc said...

to be fair....i didn't buy anything! ha. i bought postcards only. what u guys want? french toast and french fries?