Monday, July 25, 2005

Phew, what a month!

I'm back! Done holidaying and graduating! Hmm..where shall i begin? Ok, so I was in London and Paris with my parents. Kinda scary with the bombs and all. I thought it wouldn't happen again after the first time. Mana tau, a copy of it happened! Luckily, we weren't there at those times, but between them.

Ok, so we went to London to stay for a night before heading to Paris. When we reached London, we walked from Victoria Station to Piccadilly Circus where we were staying. On the way, we passed Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. I went to those places before the last time I had a 4 hour stop-over there, but it was winter then so the fountains at Trafalgar Square were off and the water had a layer of ice. This time around, it was much nicer and there were many pigeons! We stop here and there to take a few photos and then straight to the hotel.

Later in the evening, we met up with my cousin who is working in London. She'll be having her graduation also, a day earlier than mine in Liverpool. She brought us to see the Marble Arch (cause it was near her workplace), Tower Bridge and the London Eye. I was expecting to see the London Eye all lit up, but then when we reached there were hardly any lights on. Bummer. So we walked by the river then headed back to the hotel.

Woke up a few hours later to catch the Eurostar to Paris. Throughout the journey, i slept. End of story. Upon reaching, we went to the hotel, dumped our stuff and went to the Eiffel Tower! Had to stand in line for about an hour to get tickets to go up, but was worth it. At first, the top floor wasn't open, then when we were about to reach the front, it opened! Woohoo. Had a good view from the top.

That's it for the first day in Paris, the next day we went to Disneyland!! It was about 1/2 hour journey from the city by train. We got to upgrade our tickets by 10Euro to enter both the park and studio. We went to park first. It was very big. I went in search for the most scariest ride to take. Ended up at the Indiana Jones ride and another indoor ride called 'Space Mission 2' if i'm not mistaken. The indoor one was nice, the whole place pitch black and it had loops. :D After a spot of lunch, we went to Disneyland Studios. Again, went in search for the best ride and I found it! Rock&Roll rollercoaster!! Also an indoor one, with multiple loops. Cooool. My parents also went on the ride. I think they didn't know it was a rollercoaster till it was too late. Haha. Poor mom. She was terrified. Ah well, there's always a first time.

Later that night, we went to see fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. It was Bastille Day, celebrated every 14th of July. It marks the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the First Republic (okok, so i copied that sentence from somewhere).

Nice leh? It was worth going all the way there, squeezing into the metro and all.

The next day we went to The Louvre and Arc De Triomphe. A must see in Paris. As usual, went to see the Mona Lisa. It was very crowded at the area. Had to line up to take her picture! Talk about celebrity status.

After 3 nights in Paris, it was off to London again for another 2 nights. In London, we went to the British Museum and Madame Tussaud's. Took photos with all the wax figures and all.

Had a nice week away, but i got sick after coming back. Heck, i'm still sick. But during my graduation, i was fine. It was very windy that day. Quite hard when it came to taking pictures. And my, a whole lot of pictures we took! And there were a few photographers as well. So now I have lots of photos containing the same people, same background in different angles. -_-''

My parents have left. Will be busy recuperating (from my sickness not my parent's visit) the next few days. *cough cough*


Jeffmeljosh said...

Cough? Nature's way of putting you into your place for not buying anything for your favourite sis, bro, bro-in-law and nephew!

hot choc said...

i already bought something for bro-in-law and nephew....but not for sis and bro yet. :P

Kyv said...

you made me greeennnn i wanna visit da louvre (points to dan brown). did you use a tripod or anything to secure your camera for the fireworks pics? took me so much trouble taking pics of them i ended up making a short video instead. lastly...gosh...watermarks. congrats on ur graduation. skin returning to normal color.

hot choc said...

kyv, i used the firework function on the camera. it basically captures a few seconds on the scene, and comes up with the picture. didn't bring tripod, used walls or seats.