Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Weekend activities....

Had quite a packed weekend, some were planned activities and some were impromptu. Quite a tiring one, but it was fun.


Started off my Saturday morning by heading to Solaris Mont Kiara. Wendy had a booth at Bijou Bazaar, so i thought of dropping by to look around. The event didn't start until 2.08pm, so we went to have lunch first at Canton Fare, a stone's throw away from Soho, KL.

He has been to Canton Fare before, introduced to him by his cousin, so he brought me to try it out. To find a parking around there is quite a nightmare. So after 3 rounds, we were lucky to get one. The restaurant was quite packed with the lunch crowd but the service was fast.

Hailed as the King of Roast!

Don't think they keep their chickens here

Big wantons!

Platter of 3 type of roast: Char siew, siu yuk and chicken

Closer look at the char siew and siu yuk

The food was nice and tasty, though the chicken was nothing to shout about. Price was quite reasonable for the place and portion.

After lunch, we walked over to Soho to check out the bazaar. Quite a lot of stalls and there was a band playing.

Wendy's designs!

Charms, charms and more charms!

Closer look

Please head over to her blogshop to check out her designs!

After an hour or so, we went off to Atria, DJ. Had to drop the car off for some wash and wax, so we walked around Giant for a bit. Spotted a very happy bottle of rum.

A very Gay rum

After that we went off home to rest a bit before heading out again.

In the evening, I headed out to my ex-colleague's bbq party at his house. Spent most of the time playing with his 2 Pekingese. Went off before the party ended, cause we were heading to 1Utama to watch Bolt on 3d with some other friends.

It was really nice to watch it on 3d, though the glasses were a bit uncomfortable for me. Kept slipping off my nose, so had to keep it there with my hands. A penalty of RM200 will be imposed if the 3d glasses are lost or broken. The movie was funnier than expected! Now i want a white German Shepard too!

The movie ended around 1.30am, so we (4 adults) headed off for some supper of Hokkien mee at SS3. Reached home and went to sleep bout 4am.


Sunday morning started at 12.30pm. Woke up, got ready and headed to Glenmarie for curry mee! Mind you, out of the 4 adults, 3 were having cough. That's how good Glenmarie curry mee is. Sorry, no picture here.

With our bellies filled with food, we headed out, to our next destination. We got quite lost looking for the place, had to make a few calls to get the right location. It was a place where they raced.......cars!

Cars in position, waiting for the signal to go!

And they're off! Some good driving there

Buggy racing

See it jump!

We got out of the hot sun and went off to Kepong to check out Waterfront at Desa Park City. The place is quite nice, somehow had a Sydney feel to it. The 'water' part of it was quite a disappointment. Not much of a lake.

After that we headed home. Had a simple dinner and spent the rest of the night watching 30 Rock. A nice end to a busy weekend.

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