Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas came early

*Note that this is NOT a paid advertorial

I went over to Tropicana City Mall today (yes, it's opened) and visited a shop called Body Bar (will blog about the shop in my next post). The products in the shop are from Australia and New Zealand. I got myself a Mukti starter pack (for moisturizing my face) and a rejuvenating eye balm. Mukti is derived from Sanskrit and it means freedom and liberation. This brand is sold exclusively in Body Bar only.

Starter pack + eye balm

What's great about this shop is that it has naturally organic skincare products. The items are all certified organic unlike many other products out there who just claim they are 'organic'.


It's has Organic Certification by OFC, which guarantees that the products has no synthetic chemicals, produced in a responsible ecological and harmonius ways. It's also cruelty free and assures that no animal has been harmed nor were used for testing. And lastly, it has Australian Made status which signifies that all the manufaturing and production takes place in Australia.

Rejuvenating eye balm

I've been looking for a suitable eye cream for a while now. So i decided to get this Mukti rejuvenating eye balm. It promotes cell regeneration, hydration and protection for the eye area.

Foaming cleanser + Facial cream + Mist toner

First off, the foaming cleanser removes dirt, makeup and other impurities on your skin. The mist toner is used after cleansing for extra hydration and to balance the skin's pH. Lastly, the cream is required to re-hydrate and deeply nourish the skin. I bought this pack because it's suitable for my skin and there are other products for different skin types. Each of the items can be bought separately, but i chose to buy the whole pack as it's more value for money and most of all ,works well with one another.

I think this product is pretty good and most importantly it's certified organic. It will definitely be good for me as my skin is pretty sensitive. So do drop by Body Bar at Tropicana City Mall, PJ to check out their range of products.


Vicky said...

Looks healthy...

hot choc said...

yeah it is! seems good for my skin too.