Saturday, December 20, 2008

Failed nails

Feeling a lil' festive since Christmas is almost upon us, me and a colleague went for a manicure during lunch one day. We went to one in Subang Parade, though both of us have not done it here before. We went to a rather well knowned parlour and seeing that it was quite full at that time, we thought it would be a rather safe bet. I settled for a French manicure and sat back to let the manicurist do her job.

Hmm..what do the lines on my palm say?

Alas, after an hour, i was disappointed. The colour was quite dull and not as vivid as the one i did in 1Utama. Rather bland. There were some cuticles still showing, my nails weren't filed properly and on my thumb the pink tones were not really even. Dang it! So not worth my time and money.

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