Friday, November 21, 2008

Say Hello!

Presenting my guinea pigs Rufus and Scruffy! Got them 2 weeks ago, and they're 2 months old. They are about 5-6 inches long now, but i saw the fully grown ones at the pet shop which were huge! I would say it's about the size of a rabbit!

They are both Abyssinian guinea pigs which are the type that have cowlicks on their coats. We aren't very sure about their gender but we're suspecting both are males. Hopefully they are of the same gender, wouldn't want more baby pigs popping around!



Both have different personalities. Scruffy still runs away whenever we try to pet him, but will stay still when you hold him and makes soft wheeking (guinea pig sounds) when we pet him. He doesn't like you feeding him either.

Rufus has gotten use to being around us. He looks forward to our visits to their cage cause it usually means food is coming. Ha! He will stand on his hind legs and look up at us expectantly and wheeks excitedly. He loves to sit in the food bowl and doesn't mind you feeding him. Mind you, he eats a lot and very fast!

As you can see, there are some carrots and cucumber in the food bowl. They love cucumbers very much and that would be their first choice of food.

Just wondering now how to cut their fingernails?

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