Friday, November 07, 2008

Weekend at Avillion, PD

Last weekend, i attended a beach wedding at Avillion, Port Dickson. The drive to Avillion took around 2 hours. The drive was smooth and sunny along the way. We didn't want any rain during the beach wedding!

Before reaching the hotel, we passed by a long stretch of soldiers marching by the side of the road.

Here's a series of photos detailing my stay at Avillion.

At the reception

Map detailing the chalets. We stayed at the water chalet

The way to our chalet

Water chalets

On the way to our chalet

The room. 2 single beds and 1 double day bed


The infamous open air shower. Picture taken from a window in the room

We had a few hours before the beach wedding, so we walked around to explore the place. They had a small area where they kept some animals.

Rabbit sitting under the bench

Living harmoniously together


Turtle sunbathing

Guinea pigs!

Waiting for a tennis match?

A place to sit back and relax

Enjoying the breeze and the view

Poor butterflies they never saw what was coming....(inside joke)


They had quite a few footwashes around the place.
Good for washing feet after walking on the beach

The swimming pool

Water slide

We headed back soon after that to get ready for the ceremony that evening. The beach was just next to our water chalets (we stayed at Tumasek Chalet).

The beach where the wedding was held

Nasty little buggers

All ready

The dinner tables

The buffet

Entertaining guests before the ceremony

I won't be posting up at pictures of the wedding and dinner. But it was a real blast!

Wedding (cup)cakes

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