Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Marriage Proposal

Nowadays we see all sorts of different marriage proposals. From underwater to the sky above. This year we saw the billboard proposal and if i'm not mistaken, last year was the one with the extremely huge bouquet of flowers. Even my cousin proposed to his girlfriend, while underwater scuba diving in Bali.

Today, i saw a whole new one right before my eyes. It was a normal Tuesday, still in the long weekend mood. I drove to work, parked my car. I noticed there was a crew of people taking a video of some kind at an empty land nearby (the area is higher than my carpark, so i couldn't see what they were doing). So i took no more notice, and went up to my office. I was happily sipping my coffee when suddenly my colleagues were making a big fuss over something and were staring out the window.

Lo and behold! I saw a hot-air balloon, getting ready for it's voyage.

Picture taken by me

We later saw that the hot-air balloon hovered above the ground for a while and then came back down to land. The guy rushed over (did i mention that the girl was my colleague?) with a bouquet of flowers to get his bride. This is no doubt one of the most extravagant marriage proposals i've seen. This will definitely be in the papers tomorrow.

Have any of you seen something of this big scale before or would you want it happen to you?

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