Friday, October 10, 2008

Banana Leaf Rice

At last it's Friday! Good day to blog about the banana leaf rice (while typing the title i mistyped as 'leave', must be my brain asking me to leave office) i had during the Raya hols. This particular restaurant is at SS3 Pj, called Sri Devi's if i'm not mistaken. I've not had banana leave rice for years already. The last time, my dad brought us to one in our hometown when i was still in primary school. I still remember where it is, but not sure if it's still there at the same place.

We sat down at the table, and the leaves were immediately placed in front of us. Next we were given plain rice with 3 small side dishes (usually veggie based) and papadums. That's usually the base when eating banana leaf rice. We were asked what type of gravy/curry we wanted and were given a generous serving.

The basic. I wanted less curry, i don't really like too much gravy on my rice

As dishes to go with the rice, we ordered fried chicken and fried squid. The chicken and squid were pre-marinated, so they were straight away fried when someone orders.

Fried chicken, chopped into smaller pieces

Fried squid

My favourite was the fried squid. The squid it self was nice and er...bouncy? Usually it's quite rubbery, hence difficult to chew. But this one was just nice.


TNH said...

i have try this before..but of course not at this shop..i try the one at my place..not bad but the price shock me..

shuqios said...

Ish ish... so forgetful!
We had one in Old Klang road...
Few years back rite.. still remember...
with the cucumber Juice >.<

hot choc said...

tnh, yeah the prices can be quite expensive.
shir, oh yeah! had it with James. i don't remember what we eat though.