Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dining at Wendy's

Wendy's the fast food chain has been in Malaysia for some months now. I visited the first one at Sunway Pyramid and then i found there's one at Jaya One in PJ.

I'm not a big fan of beef burgers (except Ramli burgers), so i don't usually order them at restaurants. Wendy's beef patties are different from others as they are square. I did take a bite of Wendy's beef burger....and well....i still don't like beef burgers. I do like their chicken and fries!

The 1/2 pounder

Spicy fried chicken

Shrimp burger, with real shrimp!
Still nice and fresh

Wendy's Chili.....no big whoop.
Had to add chili sauce to enhance the taste

Chicken burger

Baked P0tato


Well, i know someone who likes to add things into his burgers, go over to his blog to see how he eats it!

Enhanced 1/2 pounder

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