Monday, October 01, 2007


I'm not a big fan of donuts, but i do like to try them. I managed to finally get my hands on some Big Apple Donuts & Coffee at The Curve. (New branch opening at 1Utama, same row as Waffle World/A&W). Why am i helping them to promote? Tsk, tsk...

I went there quite late and only managed to see a few flavours left. So i grab the ones that looked yummy. Had quite a long queue outside the store. A box of 6 donuts for RM9.50.

From the top left-right: Nutty choc, cocoa puff, choreo, almond, peanut butter and chococino (names might be wrong)

I like the nutty one. The donuts are smaller and less heavy (in eating terms) compared to Dunkin Donuts. So you won't get stuffed after eating one. Next up, i wanna try J.Co donuts!

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