Monday, October 01, 2007

BBQ Plaza

If you go to 1Utama, you'll notice that on the screens (there are many screens hanging from the ceiling at the new wing) showing the advert for BBQ Plaza. I went to try it out, about a month ago.

They even have instructions on how to BBQ your food!

The grill

Their famous sauce!

Using lard to grease up the grill

Mixed platter for 2

Garlic fried rice (recommended!!)

Happy BBQ-ing

The food is good and i would sure go there again!


shuqios said...

saw that advertisement.... it's so annoying and frustrating and it keeps repeating.
See d oso no appetite to try :p
But u say good then hmmm.... ^^

hot choc said...

U should try!
I like the advert that shows the ex-gf and ex-bf saw each other there...hehe...