Monday, October 29, 2007

Sydney - Day 2

The Day has arrived. The wedding was the whole reason we're in Sydney in the first place. We got up bright and early to get ready to go to the church. It was a sunny day, perfect weather for a wedding! Cousin Eugene drove over to pick us up from the inn about 9am and soon we were on our way to the church (St. Joseph's).

It was my first time meeting Su (the bride) as i've never met her on any of her trips to Muar.

Su walking down the isle, with beaming Uncle Daniel

At the alter

The group from Sydney orchestra

An empty church

The church was beautiful inside and out. The pictures speak for themselves. It's spring, so the flowers outside have bloomed, just in time.

The church

One of the two wedding car

Group photo

The ceremony was short and sweet. Everyone hung around for photo sessions outside and then slowly the whole wedding group started to make way to the lunch venue, the Sydney Opera House!

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background

Waiting outside

We lingered outside the tent, eating finger food and drinking. After about an hour, we all went in to sit at our respective tables. The table settings were nice too.

Our table (Me, Ben and Vicky)

My place

The lunch menu

Centerpiece which people can bring home

The wedding cake was unique (and delicious!). Never came across before, heard that it's the 'in' thing now.

After that i was too busy eating and listening to the MCs to take any pictures of the food. The whole event ended in the evening. There was a beautiful sunset outside.

The youngsters then adjourned to the Argyle bar at the Rocks, while the older ones went for coffee. The night ended with a visit to the bridal suite at the Shangri-La, to wait for Eugene to pick us up (We basically gate crash their wedding night).

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