Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sushi Groove

Another new restaurant in 1Utama, Sushi Groove adds their own touch to sushi.

Fried chicken skin salad

Ziggy Roll: Fried soft shell crab

Forgot what's this called. Has unagi (eel) inside

Fusion Dragon Roll: Fried prawns

My favourite would have to be the Fusion Dragon Roll. It has mango and bacon rolled on the outer side. The prices are reasonable and i would definitely go there again. Come to think of it, when it comes to Japanese cuisine, i would definitely go again.


Jace said...

Fusion Dragon Roll!!
The most expensive sushi in da shop.
Yummy yummy!!! Why never keep one piece for me? :P

hot choc said...

Hehe...we go together next time! Fight over the sushi!!

Jace said...

ok! When??
Ngai Mun is a chef now! Wan to visit his shop one day?

hot choc said...

chef?? what kinda food? please don't tell me vegetarian.. :P
let's go visit him!!

Wendism said...

yum yum.. i have a craving for jap food now!! when wanna treat me??

Jace said...

Hmm... Bingo!
Wan to try his vegetarian TomYam?