Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Umaiya revisited

Just before heading back south for the CNY holidays, me and a few friends had dinner together at Umai-ya, Uptown branch. Before anyone could eat their food, i took the obligatory picture for my blog. Here are the pictures and my pitiful description of each, as i forgot all the names! :D

Fried tofu. Tasted good, although i'm not a big tofu fan

Funky Japanese pizza. Did you finish the rest?

Soft-shell crab maki

Shir's mackerel bento

Khye's donburi. Some chicken and egg thingy. Not nice at all

My chicken bento. Quite nice. The sauce tastes a bit like 'tau chu'

Waitress lighting Ah How's 'fire'

What's inside? Waiting for it to cook


Overall the food was quite ok. Wonder if their buffets are any good?

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prime_tian said...

yeah, i finished it...but it was not as good as the other half we had there...