Friday, February 13, 2009

13 year-old father!

The octo-mum story was sooooo yesterday's news. Today, the story is about the 13 year-old boy who just became a father. No kidding! The 4ft tall lad and his 15 year-old girlfriend decided to have the baby after finding out that she was pregnant. That would mean that they consummated their relationship when he was 12!! What were YOU doing at 12?

Read the full story here. He looks so cute with his bambi eyes. Can't believe he's a dad, when he's just a baby himself. A little too late for the birds and the bees talk now. It makes you wonder what are kids doing nowadays?


Ashley Two Fish said...

he's so adorable. cannot imagine him a father. he doesn't realise what a responsibility it is. see la how long he can keep it up.

hot choc said...

Yeah, i don't think he has fully grasp the responsibilities of having a baby yet. How long can he keep it up? He's stuck with it.