Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dinner at Elegant Inn

A week ago, i had the chance to have dinner at Elegant Inn, a Hong Kong restaurant at Menara Hup Seng, KL. The food was delicious but on the expensive side. I heard they have another branch in Cheras.

We started off with Yee Sang and then with some pork soup.They took out the meat and served it on the table, then proceeded to serve us the soup. The soup was good, it warmed us all up immediately.

Yee sang

The next dish was my absolute favourite, fried rice! It may sound plain, but the fried rice was really really good. Heard they have a unique way of frying it, involving singeing the rice slightly. Sorry, didn't take a photo of it.

We had a huge plate of crab next.

Feeling crabby?

Can't reach the meat? Use this tool.........what the heck! use hands better!

Jasmine tea? For dirty hands, not drinking!

Didn't take much photos after that. We had vegetables, fish, pig neck (no kidding! cooked in black pepper sauce) and then some pork ribs. The pork ribs were yummy according to those who like fat meat.

See the layers?

After the courses, we had dessert. Each of us had a small peice of fried nian gao. It was quite tasteful as the skin of the nian gao was crispy. When the bill came, we saw that each piece was about RM20. Gosh! Some of the others had tong sui too.

Guess what was the full bill for 8 people? Quite expected coming from a place with such an elegant name.....


Baby said...

jasmine tea for dirty hands? normally is lemon right? eating crabs without using finger is too polite. i rather use my fingers to dig the meat out

hot choc said...

Yeah, it's lemons. I was just kidding cause it looked like Jasmine tea from the outside :)
I also prefer to use fingers too! Much easier