Friday, September 14, 2012


I've been reading my old posts today. Can't believed it has been so many years. I sounded so enthusiastic and had a lot more !!!! in my sentences. Some things i can't remember at all like movies i watched (The Producers 2005 and Lucky Number Slevin). And some things i said made me cringe. Haha..

I blogged more often then, had more readers and commentators! But now i seemed to be more lazy although blogging has been made easier. Maybe it's because i have so many photos to post up. It's all piling up! Ok, got to admit that most of my post are about food. Need to convert to smaller photo size for easier uploads.

Reading my old posts was fun. A lot of memories. Lots of photos of Josh. Must show it to him one day. Went for a lot of holidays! But not to despair (yes, talking to myself here), we'll be traveling soon to a place i've always wanted to visit. It shall be revealed later.

Alright, am determined to blog more often and clear my backlog of photos.

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