Monday, August 09, 2010

Thistle, Port Dickson

Two weeks ago, me and the bf decided to have a short trip someplace nearby. The bf surprised me by bringing me to Thistle, Port Dickson (used to be Guoman). We went on a Sunday, so it wasn't too crowded.

On the way to PD, we stopped by Seremban to have brunch at the market. Yep, the market! They have fabulous beef noodles there. Tried it the first time during my college days, and ever since we always try to make a point to stop there for the noodles when we are in Seremban.

Being in Seremban brought me back to my college days. We used to travel from Nilai to Seremban by train and then walk all the way to Terminal 1 for some shopping or to catch a bus. :D

After brunch, we continued our way to PD. Thistle is quite a ways away from the town area, tuck away nicely in a secluded area with its own private beach.

Turns out Thistle has been opened for 377 days only! It is a nice place to sit back, relax and enjoy the facilities. They have a few restaurants, games, a huge pool and a private area for adults with a smaller pool and bar, called Cumulus. Nice!

The room we stayed in had a great view of the pool and the sea. The room was nicely decorated and really cosy. The only flaw was the bathtub, it was kinda old and dirty looking. That's the only complaint I have of the whole place.

After checking out the room, we headed to Cumulus, for a swim in the pool. It was too sunny to go down to the beach, so the pool was a better and shadier alternative. The pool was next to the beach anyways, so we could watch other people going on the jet skis, banana boats and speedboats.

We lazed around till evening and then headed out to find a place to eat. We actually wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant, but turns out it was closed. So we just randomly picked another spot for dinner. The food was quite alright (too much lemon grass in the dishes for my liking) and reasonably priced.

It was back to the hotel after that. We walked around the hotel for a bit and took some photos of the place.

Then we headed back to Cumulus for a drink and to watch the live band. The performance was not bad. 3 out of 4 can sing pretty well. :P

Well, that was pretty much what we did at Thistle. We left the next day after breakfast. A great place for a relaxing weekend getaway.

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