Sunday, July 18, 2010

A porky lunch buffet

As you can see, this is not a halal post :)

On weekdays, Bavarian Bierhaus serves a buffet lunch for RM25++ per person. This may sound like any other buffet, but they do have this special item on the menu.

One fine day, I was on leave, so I picked the bf up from his office and drove to Bavarian Bierhaus at The Curve. Once seated, we were served their soup of the day. I think ours was some kind of pea soup? Kinda icky, not tasty at all.

We then attacked the buffet table. The selection of buffet dishes are only a few, consisting of some cold cuts, sausages, spaghetti and mash. Nothing special here rite?

Buffet fair

And then they take out their secret weapon, The Pork Knuckle! We were served just one, but it was a very generous portion.

The Pork Knuckle, before

A form of measurement

Tucking in

After..........actually still got a lot of meat on the other side

We couldn't finish the pork knuckle, and being the considerate people we are, *ahem*, we offered to generously take-away the pork knuckle. But alas, we were not allowed to do so. So we purposely asked the waitress if they are just going to throw it away to waste? They said 'Yes'. wasteful. :P


ken said...

looks filling =)

hot choc said...

trust me, it was very filling!

Charles said...

does the buffet come with white beer?

if it comes with been THEN it's worth it...

hot choc said...

beer sold separately...haha

joven said...

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