Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bringing a Gundam to life 2

Since we had so much fun doing the previous Gundam, we got another model to work on. This time we got a Gundam Astraea. From what i was told it's actually the same guy from the previous Gundam, but in a different colour as he wanted to disguise himself. Something along those lines......

The whole set

The parts are quite similar, so it's quite easy. They had some pretty small stickers though. Quite hard to stick at those tiny places.

Stickers..not for collecting

Part of the guide

A whole page to produce a small part

This time around, we had 2 choices for the head. It's either with dark shades or with piercing green eyes. Note: the piercing green eyes are from the sticker. Told you it was small.

2 heads are better than 1?

In the end we had to choose 1 only. Here's the completed head gear.

Look into my eyes...!

What happened to the other head? Well, we had a visit from the previous Gundam......

Watch out for the head!

Inspecting the progress

I suspected he was feeling a little threatened. With a spanking new red Gundam in the neighbourhood, he won't be the favourite anymore.

While we were not looking....

Taking his revenge!

Feeling hungry after a fight.

The finished product


May the best man (Gundam) win!

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