Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bringing a Gundam to life

It was a Monday night, 2 adults decided to challenge themselves to putting together a Gundam model.

The model was bought from the nearest Jusco, so after dinner we took everything out from the box and settled down with all the tools we would need. Scissors, knives and a nail clipper. We took out the guide, and got started.

The guide was very comprehensive, you have to fix every single part yourself. It's no child's play.

The following will be a series of pictures showing the progress made.

The first few things we constructed

Gazing longingly at his body

If only i could attach my arm....

Aha! Got it....now where did i put the other arm?

This is how i fix my foot, fix my foot, fix my foot...

Tada! Mini-me? Wait..this doesn't look right

Oooh..nice legs

At last! I'm alive!! Let's strike a pose

Final resting place on top of the shelf

Price: RM9x.xx
Time spent: 3 hours
Satisfaction of putting everything together: Priceless

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3POINT8 said...

wow....this is so cool!