Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

Why so serious? Let me carve a smile on that face

I managed to get tickets to watch The Dark Knight last Friday. I got the tickets a few days earlier and it was sure not easy to get the seats! Most of the shows were already sold out.

Just like most people, i must confess, i was actually only looking forward to see how good the Joker was after hearing all the rave reviews about Heath's performance. But overall, the movie was great! Wouldn't mind watching again. Much better than Batman Begins (it was quite boring to me).

Somehow i don't quite remember Christian Bale's voice (when he was in his Batman persona) in Batman Begins. Was it that low and raspy? I only remember that his mouth was funny looking. Katie Holmes being replaced was no issue, but with Maggie Gyllenhaal? Good acting from Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman. And not to forget, we saw the birth and death of Harvey Two-Face.

But everyone's acting can be said to be overshadowed by the superb performance from Heath's. I'm not being bias, but his acting was really, truly brilliant! He played a very good psychotic and dark kind of Joker. His mannerisms were portrayed very well. Oh, and he told different stories of how he got the scar on his face (one about his broken family and another about his wife). Too bad Heath's not around to play the Joker again, it seems this role was truly meant to be his. I think that after watching this movie, people all around would really feel the effects of Heath's death. There can't be a better Joker. Hat's off to Heath.

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