Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's been a while...

...since i last blogged. What to do, didn't get the 'feel' to blog...or maybe i was just busy (honestly!!).
Let's see, what have i done since i last blogged....hmmm....

1. Had another overnighter at work. Realised my limit of not sleeping is only about 30 hours, then after that i totally konk out.
2. Went to Genting with my ex-colleagues. Was fun! Not the place but the ppl.
3. Watched Pink Panther. Stupid-funny.
4. Got food poisoning. Again! The last time i had it was in November. Hmm...i don't know why, but nowadays i seem to fall sick often. Last time i fell sick once a year. Serious!
5. Participated in my company's solutions fair. Learned a lot about my company's products. And of course got to know a lot more people. They had games and stuff, so i won lots of sweets and notebooks.
6. Attended my uncle's funeral. Damn sad.
7. Watched Final Destination. Too predictable.
8 Watched Brokeback Mountain. I can hardly hear what Heath Ledger was saying. He was acting damn macho, but he's just a softie inside. Many gay moments.
9. Got swamped with work.
10. Still swamped.
11. Swamped till next month.

So that's about it. I'm looking forward to some new movies coming up soon. 'V' for Vendetta, Da Vinci Code, Pirates of the Caribbean II. Oh, i wanna see how the new James Bond fairs in the new movie, see if he fits into this role. Heard a lot of criticism about the actor already.

Hmm, thinking to get my eyes checked. I know my eyesight has worsen, need to get new specs or maybe contacts. Have been putting off that trip to the optician's. Oh, thinking of perming my hair. But got to maintain it this time.

Dang...there are so many new things i want. Handphone, car, apartment, laptop....got to start saving. I will sacrifice my lunch money (cut down on expensive food, not skipping lunch) but not my shopping!!

Alrighty, next up, my nephew's b'day. Will be going back to celebrate his and my dad's b'day this weekend. Will try to teach the babe how to say my name. Ciaos.

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Jeffmeljosh said...

A whole bunch of good luck coming your way in teaching Josh to pronounce your name!