Monday, February 07, 2011

Monkey business

Happy Chinese New Year all!! How was your holiday? I was back in my hometown for about a week. Though the holidays are over, but CNY is not. The eating and gambling continues!

Back in my hometown, there's a popular park called 'Tanjung Emas' where lots of people go there for the playground, to jog, kite flying, or for a walk by the river. There's also a spot where there are lots of monkeys! People usually go there to look at the monkeys or to feed them. There's usually a trader selling snacks, so the monkeys will crowd around there. After so long, the monkeys are not afraid of people anymore. They can be quite bold and even snatch food from people holding any food. Monkeys eating out from packets of junk food are not a rare sight.

Each evening, locals will take a drive around that place to look at the monkeys. Just like the rest, I followed my brother and his family one evening to watch the monkeys. He parked his car by the roadside for baby Cheyenne to have a better look.

Monkeys sitting around the jogging path

Sometimes the monkeys will jump onto parked cars. If they see something interesting in the car, they will try to grab it only to be deterred by the windows.

I saw this poor guy trying to get into his car. He tried to shoo the monkeys away from the driver's door. After failing to do so, he had to get into the back door on the other side and then crawl into the driver's seat.

Poor guy managed to get into the rear seat

Successfully squeezed into the front

In the end he managed to drive off, but with a couple of monkeys car pooling.

Monkeys hitching a ride back into town?

That was sure an entertaining afternoon.

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