Friday, June 18, 2010

Birthday Dinner at Prime, Le Meridien

Had my birthday middle of last week, so the bf treated me to a nice dinner at Prime, Le Meridien in KL. We braved the traffic after work, and it took us an hour being stuck in the jam to reach there. (Just the short distance between Bangsar and Le Meridien, mind you!)


It was my first time there and after hearing all the good reviews about their steaks, i was really looking forward to the dinner.

After we ordered, we were served 2 kinds of bread with 3 types of butter. I enjoyed the black pepper cheese bread. Yums!

For starters, we ordered the Caesar Salad:

We ordered the Truffle mash potato to share. Couldn't finish this one:

I had the Australian Black Angus Gourmet Pasture Fed Beef ribeye steak (quite a mouthful there). Sounds like one angry cow! And it was sooooo delicious. Spoiled me for any steaks in future.


The bf had the Wagyu beef shank. Very tender and it really melts in your mouth!

This is the bone marrow from the beef shank:

We both had a really good dinner here and we both agreed that the ribeye steak was the best. After making payment, the receipt was given to us in a little packet. Great idea! It's really the small things that counts.

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