Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How do you walk your dog?

How do you usually walk your dog? Some do it with a leash, while some would just let the dog roam free next to them when they walk or jog. Heck, some would carry the dog (smallish dog) the whole time their walking around the park! I've seen this.

Just today on my way back from work, I was driving along SS3 PJ, when I saw this new method of walking a dog. Could you guess how? (No time to whip out my phone to take a pic)

I saw this lady and her full grown Siberian Husky. Get this, she was holding the dog's 2 front paws up and the dog was walking on his hind legs. They were walking at a normal pace. I don't get it? Why??


fiona06 said...

holding both paws? like that how the lady walk? backwards? :S

kenwooi said...

i dont walk them.. my sister does =)

hot choc said...

hey fiona06, i should have mentioned this. the lady walked side by side with the dog. she put one hand over the dog's 'shoulder' to hold the other paw.

hey kenwooi, does your sis walk the dogs like this? haha