Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dirty little pig

Just the other day, we decided to give one of our guinea pigs a bath, as he got himself quite dirty that day. As usual, when it's bath time, the camera comes out! It's so funny when the pig is looking wet and skinny. We gave him a quick warm bath and then bundled him in a towel to dry. Here are the pics i took:

Where am i??

Get me out of here!

The real pig-in-the-blanket

All warm, fuzzy and cute!


e said...

Hi there -

Like others, I found your blog because I was googling "Hear ye, hear ye!" to make sure I was spelling it correctly.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE guinea pigs so I just had to comment on these absolutely adorable pictures -- thanks for making my day by sharing them!

- e

hot choc said...

You're welcome. Do drop by once in a while. I do add more pictures whenever i can.