Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dinner at Sushi Tomo

Me and Wendy had dinner at Sushi Tomo in SS2 last friday. We both have never been to the place before so we went to try it out. It was already about 7.30pm, and the place was empty. Some diners did come in much later. Not to mention the manager was going about scolding some of his staff.

Wendy had fish roe + rice and a plate of salmon while i had unagi + rice. They had nothing much on the conveyor belt, only 4 plates of sushi and a few types of drinks they were advertising.

Their touch screen menu

Wendy taking some shots of the interior

Bottles on the conveyor belt


Wendy's hot bowl

My unagi and rice. I could feel the bones each time i ate and got 1 stuck at my gums!

Overall, the food was ok but the portion was small (do not be deceive by the pictures) and so not worth the price. It's not that i'm pennywise, it's like not doing justice to japanese food. I *heart* Rakuzen.

Wen, next time we go to Omitsu Koshi at DJ.

*Note, this is all what i feel about my dining experience there only, not to degrade the place


prime_tian said...

i've been there too..nothing much, just another ordinary sushi restaurant..

Wendism said...

yeah yeah.. anything Japanese, ask me to tag along.. can ask tian how too.. haha