Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's a piece of (cup)cake!

Few days back, i tried to order some cupcakes from Cuppacakes, but alas, they were fully booked already. But the good news was they have off the shelf purchases for this month! So i went to grab a box. The design is really pretty but because of that it tastes a tad too sweet to me. But it's pretty!

Sorry bout the lighting

I took this picture after i tried 1 piece. Honest! There's still 48 pieces if you count. Was suppose to order 16 only for Ben who wanted to try it out, but they only had boxes of 49 pieces. Luckily Shir wanted 20 pieces. Do i hear a 25? 30?? :D

Will be bringing this back for CNY, no doubt it will be kinda dry by then cause i'm keeping it in the fridge.


Jace said...

Jace wants 20 pieces.
Thanks =P

hot choc said...

i trade the cupcakes for your dog can? hehe

Jace said...

ok.. let's forget about the cupcakes. HAHAHHA..
HAPPY CNY!!! ^_^