Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sailing on the Wasa Queen

This post is 2 weeks overdue! Been busy lately.....wait, i'm busy all the time. *Sigh*

So 2 weekends ago, i went on a 1 day cruise on the Wasa Queen! Previously this was Star Cruise, but now sold to some other company. So, it's not as grand as Star Cruise.

Upon reaching at the terminal at 5pm, we had to register. When you register, they would take away your identification cards (I.C) and give u some sort of like their own identification card. The card is for you to open your room door and for you to purchase the items on board (which you pay when you leave the ship).

Had out bags checked and boarded the ship.The rooms are smaller and we have to sleep on bunk beds.

Reminder not to smoke in bed....meaning other places can?

Here are some pictures from the inside of the ship.

The place where we eat dinner, supper and breakfast. Cafeteria style.

Er...where is this?

Here's some pictures taken outside.

What's a winch?

Erm, i wanted to take a pic of the lifeboat ONLY, actually

Just in case!

Nice scenery

At 7.30pm sharp, the ship started moving away from the port. Sailing out into international waters so that the casinos can start their business. Oh did i mention that the only entertainment is gambling and some performances. Found out later that some people don't even book a room, they pay for standing pax only as their main purpose is to gamble. The casinos are open from 9.0pm - 6.30 am. So almost everyone u see got a 'gambler's' look.

So what i did on board the whole time was eat, gamble, eat, sleep, eat...all in that order. The ship got back to the port at 8am the next morning. So everyone bundled off after breakfast.

The long walk back to the port


shuqios said...

eh eh.... best-nya! Where is it?

hot choc said...

The ship docks at port klang. how to book all that i don't know. It just sails out to international borders then turn back.

annie seah said...

Hi L, enjoyed the read, as usual, and 'feasted' on the food !! And now serenaded by MB. Wow, 3-in-1.