Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas Hols

Warning: Lots of photos ahead.

Christmas was fun despite the fact that my bus was delayed and there was no tap water in Muar. My bus back home was on Friday morning, reached the bus station bright and early and waited for my bus (keeping fingers crossed that the bus will not be delayed). But alas, it was delayed because the air-con broke down. Imagine my frustration, as i had to stand and wait another hour for the bus with my bags of clothes and presents. The bus did arrive and i was glad to have 2 seats all to myself. More room for my bags. The journey back was uneventful, the driver played a movie for us passengers to watch. He played a P.Ramlee's movie 'Anak Bapak'. Was hilarious. The bus driver had to use the Jasin toll exit as the toll in Tangkak couldn't be use (flood in Rawang, so can't access the road to Muar). We pass some flooded areas, so we got to see how bad the flood situation was. Luckily, Muar town itself was not flooded. So it was business as usual.

That night, me and my brother took out the Christmas tree to be decorated. Had to buy new fairy lights as the old ones were not functioning anymore (fairy lights doesn't seem to have a long life span in our house). Placed all the presents beneath it.

Some of the decorations on the lower branches were taken off for Josh. He tends to hit anything that looks like a ball. Josh with his new trikey from my parents

Josh doesn't really now how to cycle yet, so he just pushes and walk with it. As you can see, he decorates his trikey.

The whole family went for dinner on Christmas eve.

Josh really enjoys his food.

Later in the evening, we went for the annual midnight mass in Church. Even Josh came along. He was wide awake throughout the whole night. After church, we got home and opened all our presents.

As i said earlier, we didn't have tap water at home, so since we were running out of water, we had to get it somewhere! So burst pipes and rain water came in handy.

The water woes ended after a week the water was cut off.

On the way back from Muar (with me car!!). We stopped by at Nilai. Had a short visit to Inti.

The road most traveled

Basketball court with the swimming pool behind

The old dining hall has been turned into an English Language Centre

Tis where we had our meals (usually lunch)

The Bakery....oooh..i miss the chicken rendang here

Stopped to have lunch in Nilai, and then it was back to PJ. But my day didn't end there. Continued with some shopping at 1Utama. The Christmas deco was still up.

I had a very long Christmas break. Had to clear my leaves, so i had about 12 days holiday in all. But surprisingly, it wasn't hard to wake up for work again. Now i look forward to weekends. :P

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WOW! Josh so big already!